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About WithOneBean

Simple action. Many people. Big impact.

Our coffee

WithOneBean is 100% Arabica and is grown as wild coffee, not in plantations. The cherries are picked by hand, then wet-processed and sun-dried right in the communities where they’re grown.

Next, the beans are hand-sorted Dili. Roasting happens in Melbourne on our 10kg Has Garanti Roaster. We roast fresh to make sure you’re drinking coffee no longer than a week or two after roasting.

Tasting notes

Floral with vanilla and sugar notes, hints of amaretto providing a balanced flavour and acidity. Sweet caramel, cherry, velvety, bright, jasmine, cantaloupe.

Our impact

coffee farmers supported
of green beans exported to WithOneBean in 2017
of carbon offset through the WithOneSeed program

Ethical, social, environmental specialty coffee from Timor-Leste

By drinking WithOneBean, you’re helping to…

End poverty and hunger

From farm to cup, we work directly with communities to support farmers and their families.

Replant the forests

We love our planet, so every bag of coffee sold supports tree planting in Timor-Leste through WithOneSeed  – an initiative taking real action on climate change while supporting subsistence communities.

Boost education and training

We’re supporting learning in environment, culture and citizenship in Timor-Leste and Australia through WithOnePlanet.

Our story

Like many good things, the WithOneBean story started by chance.

Back in 2012 Andrew, Alice and Jake from WithOneBean happened to meet Brett Inder of Tradewinds Tea and Coffee at Dili Airport, Timor-Leste. Brett was already sourcing ethical coffee beans through an organisation called Alter Trade Timor and importing them back to Australia.

With Andrew, Alice and Jake’s strong links to Timor-Leste through other social initiatives, a partnership seemed ideal: Brett was looking for a collaboration with a like-minded organisation on the ground in Timor-Leste, and WithOneBean was born.

From the beginning, a key mission was for coffee farmers to benefit – both through increased purchase of their coffee and additional coffee farming training and education.

Generating social change remains at the heart of our work today. Our focus is on putting an earned dollar in a person’s pocket – empowering them to make decisions for themselves and not be reliant on charity and aid. We spend time in remote villages working closely with subsistence farmers, growing their capacity to improve crop yields and harvesting practices. And importantly, we pay above the local market price for the green coffee beans we bring to Australia, making sure farmers are getting a fairer price.

Our partners

The WithOneBean team gratefully acknowledges the support of the following partners.

xpand Foundation
Economic and Social Participation

The xpand Foundation is committed to an inclusive society that values the sustainable livelihood and happiness of every individual. We create and support enterprises that encourage social inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economic participation in a society committed to a green future in the digital age.

Tradewinds Tea and Coffee
Ordinary people making a difference.

For nearly 40 years, Tradewinds has been building relationships so that trade can be fairer for people who grow, pick, process and pack tea and coffee. The organisation was born out of the desire of a group of ordinary people who wanted to show that international trade could provide decent work, adequate pay, and reasonable quality of life for producer communities.


Disruptive Media
Design and strategic communications for social change.

Disruptive Media brings its communications experience and skills to organisations that are doing good things, to help influence social change.

For over 25 years, Disruptive Media has been working with not-for-profits, social enterprises, community services, non-government organisations, government and corporations that do good. Disruptive Media offers coordinated and integrated end-to-end branding, print and digital communications, and marketing. As a social business itself, Disruptive Media shares the vision and values of organisations seeking to make a difference.


Kargan Media
Delivering both web and print solutions


Alter Trade Timor

Alter Trade Timor (ATT) is a Timorese-run small farmer collective. Headed by Evang Monteiro, the collective currently has 667 farming households from the Ermera district. We import our WithOneBean coffee directly from ATT.

Timor Coffee Roasters

Timor Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster in Melbourne, specialising in roasting coffee from Timor.

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