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Coffee for work

Make every cup of coffee count towards a more ethical workplace

Through something as simple as coffee, your workplace can help lead the way to a more sustainable future.

WithOneBean coffee is an opportunity to buy ethical, social and environmental coffee for your workplace – supplied fresh and roasted to the requirements of your organisation, your clients and your staff.

With profits returned to subsistence farming communities in Timor-Leste, you can help fulfil your companies’ social and environmental responsibilities by supporting social justice initiatives across our region.

Benefits from drinking WithOneBean coffee include:

  • environmental – supporting community forestry through WithOneSeed
  • social – building local opportunities in village communities
  • ethical – direct trade from cooperative-based subsistence communities that ensure a fair price for farmers
  • economic – creating livelihood, education and partnership opportunities between Australian and Timor-Leste business communities.

An honesty basket of coffee in your workplace

Bags of coffee for employees to buy and enjoy at home

A WithOneBean honesty basket provides fresh coffee for staff to purchase and enjoy at home. Workplaces buy bags at $95.00, based on recommended sale price of $15 per coffee bag, $55 goes to staff nominated charity.

  • Our standard workplace honesty basket:
  • boxes of 10 x 250g packs of coffee for $95.00 each
  • boxes of 20 x 100g packs of coffee for $100.00 each
  • 250g bags – based on recommended sale price of $15 per coffee pack, earn $55 per box
  • 100g bags – based on recommended sale price of $10 per coffee pack, earn $100 per box
  • mix of beans, grind and roast types available
  • 1 box minimum order with regular top up of coffee

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out how we can put together the right fundraiser for you.

What people are saying ...

Not only does With One Bean provide delicious coffee beans that all our staff love, WOB uses their profits to support projects in Timor Leste. Having an ethical coffee source is important to us as a company, so that their service happens to also be impeccable is just icing. Alice, our representative, and is always a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend choosing With One Bean as your caffeine provider.
Aaron Cameron

Infoxchange has been supplying staff with coffee from WithOneBean for three years. Whole bean and ground, medium or dark roast, the coffee is delicious but more importantly comes with a cast iron guarantee that the whole process from the farm workers to your cup is done as Fair Trade. On top of that the proceeds from this enterprise are fed back into the community in Timor Leste.  WithOneBean strive to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Guilt free coffee is much better for everyone.

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