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Ideal for home – brew morning, afternoon or anytime!

Coffee (250g/500g/1kg)


Single origin Arabica specialty coffee
– freshly roasted beans or ground


Coffee – single origin, Arabica, specialty

Freshly roasted beans or ground to your liking

Our green bean is 100% Arabica, single origin and is grown as wild coffee, not in plantations. The cherries are picked by hand, wet-processed and sun-dried in the communities where they’re grown, then hand-sorted in Dili, Timor Leste.

Tasting notes: 
Floral with vanilla and sugar notes, hints of amaretto providing a balanced flavour and acidity.
Sweet caramel, cherry, chocolate, velvety, bright, jasmine, cantaloupe.

Medium roast (filter)

Our medium roast is lighter and brighter in flavour, perfect for filter coffee and best without milk.

Ideal for filter brewing methods

  • Plunger
  • Pour Over
  • AeroPress
  • Cold Brew

Dark roast (espresso)

Our dark roast is roasted dark and strong, with big flavour and is perfect for espresso style beverages.

Ideal for espresso brewing methods

  • Stovetop
  • Espresso

Product impact

In purchasing this coffee you are directly impacting;

WithOneBean – Supporting farmers and their families to raise incomes, improve crop yields and thereby increasing livelihood opportunities.

WithOneSeed – Profits from your purchase will go toward reducing carbon in the atmosphere, returning forests to their natural state and helping to end poverty and hunger in one of the worlds poorest regions.


Whole beans, Stove top, Espresso, Pour over, Plunger, Aeropress, Cold brew


Medium, Dark


250g, 500g, 1kg

Delicious handmade local preserves!

Local Preserves



Local preserves

Our program, Corner Store Foods, takes donated produce from the backyards of Monash residents, and rather than letting it fall and waste on the ground, we turn it into high quality preserves.

We collect excess produce from the Monash area and extend the shelf life, by preserving it into jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces, cordials, curds and pastes.

Produce is preserved during volunteer preserving days, with a portion sold to keep the program financially sustainable – a portion returned to the grower – and a portion donated to local food relief agencies.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of food that drops to the ground and goes to waste, as well as building engaged and resilient communities that come together to preserve the produce, learn new skills and connect as a community.

We’re taking action on climate and preserving the future.

Jams, Marmalades, Curds and Jellies

  • Plum Jam $6
  • Plum, Vanilla and Black Pepper Jam $6
  • Mixed Berry Jam $6
  • Apricot Jam $6
  • Apricot Jam with Vanilla $7
  • Roasted Strawberry and Vanilla Jam $8
  • Nectarine and Plum Jam $6
  • Pear, Apple and Plum Jam $6
  • Strawberry, Rhubarb and Rose Jam $7
  • Peach, Nectarine and Raspberry Jam $6
  • Orange Marmalade $6
  • Grapefruit Marmalade $6
  • Vegan Lime Curd $7
  • Peach Melba Compote $6
  • Crab Apple Jelly $7
  • Quince Jelly $7

Chutneys & Relishes

  • Tomato Relish $8
  • Plum Kassundi $8
  • Tomato Kassundi $8
  • Lemon Chutney $5
  • Tomato Jam $7

Chillies & Sauces

  • Chilli and Carrot Sambal $8
  • Tomato Sauce $10
  • Asian Style Plum Sauce $10


  • Zucchini Pickles $8
  • Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles $8


  • Organic specialty turmeric powder from Timor Leste $8
  • Organic specialty vanilla beans from Timor Leste $15


  • Quince Paste $8
  • Pear Paste $8

Plum Jam, Plum, Vanilla and Black Pepper Jam, Mixed Berry Jam, Apricot Jam, Apricot Jam with Vanilla, Roasted Strawberry and Vanilla Jam, Nectarine and Plum Jam, Pear, Apple and Plum Jam, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Rose Jam, Peach, Nectarine and Raspberry Jam, Orange Marmalade, Cumquat Marmalade, Grapefruit Marmalade, Vegan Lime Curd, Peach Melba Compote, Crab Apple Jelly, Quince Jelly, Tomato Relish, Plum Kassundi, Tomato Kassundi, Lemon Chutney, Tomato Jam, Chilli and Carrot Sambal, Tomato Sauce, Asian Style Plum Sauce, Zucchini Pickles, Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles, Organic specialty turmeric powder from Timor Leste, Organic specialty vanilla beans from Timor Leste, Quince Paste, Pear Paste, Fig Jam, Lime Pickle, Fig and Earl Grey Tea Jam, Spicy Plum Chutney, Persimmon and Vanilla Jam, Feijoa Kassundi

Want some sweet merch for yourself or a unique gift?

Look no further. There’s some brew gear, reusable cups to tackle the disposable cup scourge as well as ethical tees sure to create a big impact in more ways than one!


Want to give a gift that has more impact than most?

Give a kit that is ethical, social, environmental and delicious to boot!

Coffee brew equipment
Bags & tees

Ideal for schools, workplaces or anyone wanting a lot of coffee

Buy in bulk and save

Ideal for fundraising at school or in your community

Buy in bulk and save

Buy our coffee the old fashioned way … in person:


WithOneBean Roastery
42 Regent Street

Oakleigh Market Nut Shop
16 Chester Street

CERES Fair Food Online
20 Water Road

Crn Robert St and Stewart St
Brunswick East

Greensborough Christian Book Centre
14 Church Street

The Fair Trader
18 Railway Avenue
Ringwood East

Sassafras Gully LPO
2/391 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road

Heartfelt Cafe Gallery
40 Commercial Street

St Kilda Town Hall
99A Carlisle Street
St Kilda

New South Wales

A Sustainable Life
3 Copeland Avenue

Alfalfa House Community Food Cooperative
113 Enmore Road

Blue Mountains Food Cooperative
Jones House, Shop 1 & 2
Halfpenny Lane

Just Handmaidens
1637 Gloucester Tops Road

Lettuce B Frank
337 Crown Street

Manning Uniting Church Red Dove Coffee Shop
29 Albert Street

Newcastle World Vision Shop
80 Maitland Road

The Organic Wholefoods Store
9/47 Bowral Street

The Happy Herb Shop
347 King Street

Northern Territory

Nomad Art Gallery
1/3 Vickers Street


Maple Street Co-op Society Limited
37 Maple Street

The Gap LOCO
98 Yoorala Street
The Gap


76 Jacobs Road

Goulds Naturopathica
73 Liverpool Street

Poatina Gift Shop
Gordon Street


Kor Timor
Timor Plaza
Comoro Road

Interested in stocking WithOneBean coffee? Contact us to find out how.

Free gift wrapping

Sending an ethical, environmental and social gift? Please tick the box at checkout for free gift wrapping and a note to be included to your lucky recipient.

What people are saying ...

We love coffee. It’s part of our morning ritual. Knowing that WithOneBean helps East Timor rural communities feels great. Buying WithOneBean seems such a simple way for us to contribute while enjoying really good coffee.

When a product is this good, it is very easy to support such a worthwhile cause. Best coffee beans in Melbourne!

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