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The locally sourced WithOneBean Pantry.

With the health of our community in mind, our home delivery/pick-up service allows you to select your essentials from our pantry, pay online and then have them delivered to your home or pick them up.

With our café temporarily closed, we want to ensure that our community’s spirits are high, the best way we know how. You can now enjoy ethical coffee, delicious preserves, specialty products and much more delivered straight to your door!

Our pantry items have all been thoughtfully sourced in Victoria, and include a range of specialty artisan products from local producers and small businesses doing it tough during this difficult period.

To order, simply add items to the cart below, pay online through our secure portal and then wait for delivery or pick-up on Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm from our roastery at 42 Regent Street, Oakleigh.

We thank you so much for your support during these uncertain times. We want to offer a service that keeps you safe, as well as continuing to support local over the big guys. Our commitment to you, our supporters, as well as the coffee farmers in Timor-Leste remains our highest priority during this time.

Orders need to be placed weekly by Thursday 12pm, for delivery or pick-up every Saturday.





From the Bakery

Maison Arnaud - Croissant (1 piece)$3.50
Maison Arnaud - White Sourdough Loaf$6.50

From the Fridge

Califia Farms - 1L Oat Milk$5.00
Happy Happy Soy Boy - 1L Soy Milk$5.00
Lard Ass - Salted Cultured Butter (225g)$8.00
Lard Ass - Unsalted Cultured Butter (225g)$8.00
Milk Lab - 1L Almond Milk$5.00
Schulz Organic Dairy - 2L Full Cream Milk$6.00
Schulz Organic Dairy - 2L Low Fat Milk$6.00
Schulz Organic Dairy - Fetta in Brine (200g)$5.85
Schulz Organic Dairy - Greek Yoghurt (1L)$8.25
Schulz Organic Dairy - Natural Yoghurt (1L)$8.25
Schulz Organic Dairy - Pure Cream (200ml)$3.99
Schulz Organic Dairy - Quark Natural (365g)$3.70

From the Pantry

Lello Pasta Bar - Handmade Artisan Pasta$6.50$7.00
Nutshoppe - Australian Raw Peanuts (shelled 1kg)$6.00
Nutshoppe - Organic Tricolour Quinoa (500g)$6.00
Nutshoppe - Peanut Butter (300g)$5.00
Nutshoppe - Persian Lentils (1kg)$4.00
Nutshoppe - Red Lentils (1kg)$4.00
Nutshoppe - Soup Mix (1kg)$6.00

Laundry and Bathroom

Agora - Natural Body Soap Bar$7.00
Agora - Natural Dish Soap Bar$12.00
Agora - Natural Shampoo Bar$8.00
Simply Clean - Laundry Liquid (1L)$12.00
Simply Clean - Laundry Powder (1kg)$10.00
Simply Clean - Lemon Myrtle Dishwash Liquid (1L)$10.00
Simply Clean - Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant (1L)$9.50
Simply Clean - Lemon Myrtle Liquid Hand Soap (1L)$15.00


Rainbow Chai - Organic Chai Leaf Tea (100g)$12.50
Rainbow Chai - Organic Chai Teabags (20 bags)$8.40
Southern Light Herbs - Bush Billy Leaf Tea (50g)$6.50
Southern Light Herbs - Chamomile Leaf Tea (50g)$6.50
Southern Light Herbs - Peppermint Leaf Tea (50g)$6.50
Tradewinds Tea - Earl Grey Leaf Tea (200g)$7.70
Tradewinds Tea - Earl Grey Teabags (50 bags)$5.70
Tradewinds Tea - Organic Ceylon Black Leaf Tea (200g)$7.00
Tradewinds Tea - Organic Ceylon Black Teabags (50 bags)$5.40
Tradewinds Tea - Superior Blend Teabags (100 bags)$6.50


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